Dr. Simone Lewis

I am the business owner and Principal Researcher at Atomic Human Movement Experts. I first provided expert witness analysis in human movement and biomechanical in 2007. Since then, I have analysed hundreds of hours of video footage from either CCTV or mobile phones. In many of the cases I have worked on, I have also been required to review detailed medical reports or witness statements to determine the cause of serious injury.

I have provided expert witness opinion, analysis and reports to the Australian Federal Police, New South Wales Police, the Department of Public Prosecutions, police integrity organisations and law firms (in NSW, Vic, SA, WA and QLD) for both criminal cases and public liability matters. I have also provided expert analysis for cases being heard before the Singapore District Courts.

Should you wish to know more about my expert witness work and professional experience please feel free to contact me.

Experts in forensic biomechanics, movement analysis and injury causation