Forensic Biomechanics

Forensic biomechanics applies the principles of biomechanics, used in the fields of sports science, injury causation, injury prevention, rehabilitation, sports equipment design and vehicle crash science and applies these to criminal and civil legal cases. This is done when a case requires a question to be answered about human motion or the cause of an injury.

These questions can include:

  • What was the cause of an injury?
  • Is an event outlined in a witness or police statement biomechanically possible or could the event not have occurred as described in the statement?
  • What was the striking or impacting object used to cause injury based on the pattern of injuries? Are there defensive wounds or was an action undertaken in self-defence?
  • Was the accused physically capable of striking with force or co-ordination?
  • Did the individual slip or trip on an obstacle or did they fall due to a problem with their gait?
  • How can an individual’s pre-existing medical conditions or past injuries affect a person’s biomechanics or gait (walking or running) and increase the likelihood of an injury, trip or fall.
  • Can an individual be identified on video by the unique features of how they walk or run?


Atomic Human Experts can provide the following services:

  • Analysis of injuries and injury patterns, to determine the original cause and order of each injury
  • Analysis of human motion in complex situations such as alleged crime, assaults, accidents and falls
  • Analysis of Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), mobile phone and other video footage
  • Presentation of forensic biomechanics evidence in Court or other settings
  • Preparation of reports containing forensic biomechanics analysis and evidence

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